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Warm weather and deeper fish

Kabetogama has been producing so many quality fish this year and I have been blessed with this fishery. With that being said here's what I have to say about it. Shallow water fishing has been stellar this last couple of weeks, I have been dragging bottom bouncers and spinners along weed lines from 9'-12' ft of water. Tipping the spinner with a crawler has been the best as well.

In the deeper water from 15 ft and beyond, I found traditional 1/4 oz jig tipped with fathead minnow successful and has been turning on the walleyes and saugers in good quantities but also producing lots of small walleyes from last year's hatch. This is great sign for our future fishery awesome to see.

Leeches with lindy's are still producing some action during the day but it's nice to change things up. We have had lots of rain lately, so the shallow water has been more of a go to for me before we transition back to deeper water with sunshine and heat!

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